As the COVID-10 pandemic continues to unfold, many employers are preparing for disruptions that can affect business in the long term such as, labor shortages, reduced working hours, transportation issues, and low consumer traffic. And with government guidelines encouraging and in some cases, enforcing the shift for remote work within businesses across the globe, organizations have no other choice but to adapt to these times.

If not thought about before, shifting majority of your workforce if not all of your workforce can feel challenging. As an experienced partner in enabling remote solutions, CHIPS has the expertise when it comes to empowering your workforce with all of Microsoft’s collaborative and effective team tools.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams Tips

Use Teams for meetings

One of the most powerful features of Teams is the ability to hold face to face meetings for up to 250 people. This feature comes right out of the box.

Use the mobile app

The mobile app experience is phenomenal, allowing you to use Teams meetings, access files, chat, and most features of the desktop version.

Integrate Outlook with Teams

You can send Teams meetings straight from Outlook. The invitations will have all the info needed to connect to the meeting.

Blur your background

You might have seen this feature in the Microsoft ad during the Superbowl. You can blur out your background so nothing that is going on where you are will distract the other participants.

Sharing content

Not only can you have a bunch of people in Teams meetings, you are also share content straight from your own screen.


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