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You invest in technology for one major reason – to improve your business productivity. CHIPS offers a comprehensive strategy of solutions to enhance your core technological infrastructure. Using technology, we can help your business efficiently manage projects and processes, communicate and collaborate more effectively, and offer your clients the latest and most up to date services.

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Team Collaboration


Collaborate anywhere, anytime, on any device. SharePoint is the foundation for secure collaboration between your staff, your partners, and your customers, without the confines of physical offices or clunky archaic devices. Set your business free to work optimally, instead of being forced to adapt your company to conform to technology.

We can work with you to deeply understand your business process and create solutions around workflow, document management, routing and approval, and co-authoring to name a few. SharePoint’s power and flexibility are only limited by your willingness to break down your current structures and reinvent yourself in new and exciting ways. SharePoint is the first step on your journey to optimize and modernize your business.

business productivity

Team Communication


In the age of instant gratification and immediate communication, corporate messaging has become vitally important. Messaging gives employees the ability to talk in real time in order to better collaborate. Most employees are used to texting outside the office and feel more comfortable communicating this way in order to ask questions, share files and collaborate. Once you expose your company and your clients to messaging, it is equally important to maintain visibility and controls to ensure corporate policies are followed and data protection is in place.

Project Management

Whether you are managing the day to day business activities and production of your internal employees or overseeing external client projects, many people, departments and processes are involved. It is often challenging to keep your team motivated and involved through complicated or cumbersome project management software.

Managing multiple projects across multiple companies and channels can be technologically challenging and present barriers to optimal and efficient project management. The new generation of easy to use cloud based project management solutions offer all the power needed to keep projects on time and on budget. The days of trying to manage projects using documents and email are over.

Cloud File Share

In today’s competitive business world, it is an absolute fact that your data will need to be accessed off site and outside the walls of your company. Cloud file sharing services can help your business to access its data and resources remotely – at any time and from any location. Whether it’s for ease of access, ease of collaboration, or just for enabling remote users, cloud technology has made it infinitely easier to work in many new ways.

Cloud File Share Security

While offering a wide range of freedom and new opportunities to advance your business practices, cloud file sharing can also pose security risks. It’s critical to ensure you maintain ownership and control of your company data even outside your firewall.

You must ensure that employees are not deploying unsecured and confidential information through these new technologies. We can help you deploy, manage and most importantly secure cloud access to data and files so you won’t stay awake at night wondering where your data is, and who is looking at it.

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