30 Jun 2017

Digital Revolution & Your Business

An Article By, David Tan, Chief Technology Officer 

Digital Revolution is a term that we are hearing more and more often throughout today’s business news, that it has come to the point where if you are unfamiliar with this term, you should quickly take a crash course to educate yourself seeing as the impact on business is happening right now and isn’t going anywhere. So what exactly does Digital Revolution mean? Digital Revolution refers to the rapid advancement of information technology from analog to digital. We have been surrounded by a digital revolution and are approaching the peak in the forthcoming years. From 2010 and beyond, the internet sees to make up more than 25% of the world’s population and Mobile communication has become so heavily depended on, that about 70% of the world’s population now owns a mobile device. With new devices constantly hitting the market, and innovation sparking the interest of consumers, bridging the gap between internet and mobile devices is as common as driving a car. Believe it or not, but some businesses have already begun to assess their digital strategy and utilize this era to their advantage. read more

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30 Jun 2017


HIA-LI’s Brief with Evan Leonard, CEO, CHIPS Technology Group Inc. 

Tell us about how you/your company started.

Evan Leonard and lifelong friend David Tan started an IT firm out of Hofstra University’s J.C. Adams Playhouse. CHIPS got its start by implementing and supporting Hofstra’s first computerized ticketing system. In 1993, when the business partners founded CHIPS Technology Group, the idea was to help businesses implement a network for file sharing with permissions for end users. From there, CHIPS added email solutions and connecting networks to the internet. Quickly after, CHIPS created their first Managed Services practice to help maintain company’s networks. Over the past 20 years, CHIPS has continued to remain focused on business process and customer service while innovating and securing their client’s data.

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