In response to the current global impact of the Coronavirus, we want to share a summary of the CHIPS BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN to show how we’re ensuring the health of our operations and our teams around the globe.


Business Continuity Plan Summary

This summary provides a brief overview of how our organization coordinates the business recovery of its respective areas and/or departments in the event of a sudden business disruption.


Partner Information Backup and Recovery

System backups of data are regularly performed and are stored at a secure, offsite location. CHIPS operates a multi-datacenter, multi-region fault tolerant cloud environment via the use of Veeam Backup and Replication.

• Our datacenters meet or exceeds industry standards and are designed for maximum durability and availability of objects.

• CHIPS utilizes multiple datacenters to achieve a geo-fault tolerant environment, reducing the risk of single-point-of-failure outages.


Response and Recovery Strategy for Emergency Incidents

Our company has adopted a preparedness strategy for possible emergencies that includes:

• Maintaining lists that identify the applications, equipment, facilities, personnel, supplies, and vital records necessary for full recovery from any service interruption.

• Documenting multiple internal processes for colleagues that detail how each individual is expected to respond to emergency events.

• Establishing a predetermined location for key management personnel to gather in order to maintain continuity of operations and the implementation of our Disaster Recovery Plan.


Alternative Communication Lines

CHIPS maintains multiple alternative means of communication with our internal Colleagues and Partners, including public notifications of status updates, in the event that our standard communication channels become unavailable.


Flexible Workforce

All of CHIPS’ Colleagues possess mobile workstations (laptop computers and voice over IP) and do not require a centralized workspace. In the event that a particular building’s network or physical environment becomes inaccessible, Colleagues can easily re-locate to a different work environment or work remotely via our secure Meraki VPN and Remote Desktop Server Farm.


Additionally, we are closely following recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization on travel and hygiene to prevent the spread of infection and are watching for any updates from those experts to augment our efforts as needed.

We encourage all our colleagues and partners to follow these recommendations and protocols, including:

• Avoid all nonessential travel to China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan. (Source: CDC Coronavirus Disease Prevention)

• Employ everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. (Source: CDC Coronavirus Disease Information for Travel)

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