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We are proud to announce that we are rebranding and will be operating under a unified name: IT Solutions Consulting!

Over the coming weeks, CHIPS Technology Group’s digital presence and collateral will be retired on all platforms, except for our website—the CHIPS website will remain active to eliminate disruption and ensure convenient access to the resources you have come to know, like your Client Portal and Chat.

Questions or want to learn more? Feel free to contact your vCIO or reach out to

Now More Important Than Ever

Managed Security Services

Our managed security services span your entire business, protecting all data and assets, including your endpoints, network, cloud, and most importantly, your employees.

0 %
of all data breaches in 2019 were caused by compromised, weak, or reused passwords
– Verizon Security Report

Get Your Facts Right

CHIPS Technology Group has been a leader in the evolving cyber landscape, working with clients to deploy and manage robust cybersecurity solutions to address every possible scenario. This diligence has enabled us to develop three targeted solutions that specifically address the threats most likely to result in successful attacks.

0 %
of the U.S. Businesses report being cyberattacked
$ 0 M
is the average total cost of a cyberattack
0 %
of firms report phishing or social engineering attacks
0 K
devices are compromised by ransomware every month

Our Security Offerings


Identity and Access Management

Breached user identities are the greatest security threat to businesses. IAM provides your business with easy-to-use, layered security to ensure your users check all boxes before they are granted access. We also provide security awareness training to ensure your employees won’t fall for phishing attacks.


Threat Protection and Management

Prevent successful attacks into your environment by using Next Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV), continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats, combining multiple sources of threat intelligence, while logging all events. Event logging events is essentially a DVR for your cybersecurity.


Information Protection and Management

Discover, classify, and protect the information in your environment, and decide who has access, and what information can be shared inside and outside of your environment. One of the most common uses of information protection and management is to stop the sharing of personally identifiable information.

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