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We are proud to announce that we are rebranding and will be operating under a unified name: IT Solutions Consulting!

Over the coming weeks, CHIPS Technology Group’s digital presence and collateral will be retired on all platforms, except for our website—the CHIPS website will remain active to eliminate disruption and ensure convenient access to the resources you have come to know, like your Client Portal and Chat.

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Managed Productivity Services

Our managed productivity services maximize the investment in your staff, by providing tools and skills training to increase workforce productivity and engagement.

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Businesses often find themselves overwhelmed by technology options to make their employees more productive. They are unable to identify the right mix of solutions and services. Common challenges are reducing the avalanche of emails, getting your staff trained to use the latest applications, and having quick access to real-time data.

CHIPS Technology Group offers Managed Productivity Services, consisting of flexible technology tools proven to increase team collaboration, enhance client and worker communication and provide access to actionable business data that drives productivity. All wrapped around security best practices.

Our Managed Productivity Services


Managed Cloud

Cloud computing has reached broad adoption for all businesses. Whether it’s digital transformation, remote access for a geographically diverse workforce, meeting security and compliance requirements, or simply expanding business opportunities, cloud computing is one of the most cost-effective ways for firms to enhance productivity. In order to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing, businesses should look to right-size their cloud environment, using a combination of Microsoft 365, public and private cloud, and Software as a Service (SaaS).


Managed Collaboration

In modern workspaces, especially those with remote workers, collaboration and communication are vital to peak productivity. Your business, employees and customers should be able to communicate and collaborate from anywhere at any time, on any device. Managed Collaboration uses Microsoft Teams as a unified platform for your business to communicate through messaging, video, calls, and file share – all in one place.


Managed Automation

Every business has manual processes that could benefit from being completely automated. They can range from automated emails to clients to automated project management. With automation comes increased accuracy and efficiency by removing the need for employee interaction, increasing profitability. Managed Automation can substantially help in reducing the cost of running your business and frees up resources to tackle higher-value tasks.


Managed Mobility

The flexibility and efficiency possible through Managed Mobility can offer benefits such as increased employee productivity while decreasing expenses. To be successful, businesses need a clear use policy and a management plan in place to ensure high standards of security and governance. Managed Mobility helps your business by providing the top-level use policy, the right technology, and we even help you find cost reductions in cellular spending.


Managed Intelligence

With 94% of businesses reporting that data analytics is important to their business growth, and 65% of them planning to increase their analytics spending in 2020, per a Forbes survey, there is no doubt business intelligence has arrived. The question most businesses face is not whether business intelligence has value, but rather, where do they begin? Managed Intelligence provides businesses with self-service analytics using reports and visualizations.


Managed Training

Microsoft 365 is the most widely used business productivity suite in the world. Employees need, and expect, access to Microsoft 365 skills training to achieve their full potential at work. Training can range from the applications we use every day, including Outlook, Excel, Word, and Teams, to more advanced training such as Power BI and Microsoft SQL databases. Managed Training empowers employees and drives technology adoption.
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