The security of your business information is always of the highest importance. Data security & protection is essential to keeping your business running effectively, competitively, and profitably and is always front of mind in all of our services and efforts. CHIPS offers highly secure protection of your business data, resources and services, including industry compliance requirements that may be necessary. The CHIPS FusionSecure and FusionSecure+ programs are designed to protect every aspect of your business data.


FusionSecure is included in both our CHIPSFusion Advanced and CHIPSFusion Care strategies and is intricately designed to provide your company with the highest level of protection while consistently ensuring that your data and systems are continuously available to your users.


FusionSecure+ includes all the features of our FusionSecure program as well as a series of enhanced security options for companies that seek the highest level of security and integrity. FusionSecure+ can be added to any service program to offer a higher level of protection and security.

Complete Security for Every Aspect of Your Business

In today’s work environment, users are increasingly looking to work on different devices and platforms and at times, from different locations. In addition, many times employees want to use their own computing devices in the office whether they are laptops, tablets, or phones. This is a growing challenge for organizations of all sizes.

It is absolutely critical to control your corporate data no matter where it physically resides, especially when it moves outside your corporate firewall. Lost or stolen devices are one of the single biggest threats to data security that any company can face.

If a company wants to protect their critical data assets, it is essential to enable only the most secure mobile devices for their users. This has become an absolute necessity for any company in today’s technologically advanced world. CHIPS can work with your business to deploy secure, usable solutions that keep your employees (and your data) safe and productive.

Protecting your computers, data, and network from threats both known and unknown is the cornerstone of best business practices. Whether you are protecting yourself from outsiders looking to break in, insiders looking to do you harm, or careless, untrained users causing damage without even realizing it, you need to be extremely vigilant and prepared at all times.

We can work with you to educate your employees, put proper controls in place and create the policies you need to be prepared for all vectors of attack. There is no better defense against these threats than preparation. Unfortunately, once any sort of cyber threat strikes, it’s too late.

Statistics prove that companies who aren’t prepared for a business interruption often fail within twelve months of a catastrophic event. Understanding what can happen and what you need to do can be the difference between staying in business and closing your doors permanently.

We can work with you to create a business continuity or disaster recovery plan that will have you prepared in the event of any business interruption. We can also help you to implement the controls and systems you need to keep your business up and running, through any type of disruption.

More than 60% of your employees have access to critical, proprietary data for legitimate business purposes. However, far too often that data is misused, either accidentally or on purpose. Controlling how your data moves and where it goes is essential for your business to thrive.

With opportunities including email and cloud-based file sharing services as possible vessels for your data to leave your network, we can work with you to establish monitoring and controls that ensure your data is being properly handled and protected. You will definitely be able to sleep better at night knowing nothing important is walking out the front door.

Businesses of all sizes in all industries face growing compliance and regulatory requirements. Often, larger businesses are continuing to push those requirements downstream two or three levels to smaller vendors they work with. In today’s industry, no business is completely free from constrains or compliance.

Technical controls and policies are a key component of most of these requirements. From HIPAA to FINRA to PCI, we understand the systems you need to have in place to meet increasingly complex guidelines. We can work with you to get educated and up to speed and help to guide you through the auditing process.

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