FUSION Industrial

IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

In the manufacturing industry innovation and efficiency are critical to success and customer satisfaction. Increased speed and turn-around time are always at the forefront of business deliverables.

CHIPS provides support for EDI workflow, inventory and mobility that manufacturers depend on to stay competitive. With a CHIPSFusion program in place, manufacturing businesses can successfully focus on improving products and process and not worry about IT or technology.

Application expertise in platforms such as:

  • Improving MRP/ERP systems


FUSION Industrial offers industry best practices, security & compliance with:

  • Data encryption across all devices and programs
  • Two-factor authentication for secure log-on
  • E-mail archiving
  • Mobile device management
  • Phishing e-mail awareness and other security-based staff training to prevent breaches
  • Administrative, technical, physical and organizational safeguards
  • Identity & Lifecycle Management

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