At CHIPS, we are committed to supporting our clients and providing business expertise as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop.

From communication solutions to security tips, we’ve collected all of our COVID-19 business resources on this page for you.

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Successfully Work Remote

With COVID-19 pushing remote work to become the new normal, employees must learn how to adapt to this new way of operating. From when and where to work, to balancing home-life and boundaries, we’ll take you through our remote work insight.




COVID-19 phishing attacks

Protect Your Business from Coronavirus Attacks

COVID-19 is impacting lives and businesses across the globe and during these frightening times, scammers are planning their attacks. At CHIPS, our team has been monitoring various attacks related to COVID-19 and caution everyone to be vigilant of these COVID-19 related scams.




ms teams tips

How to Best Use Microsoft Teams

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, the ability to efficiently and effectively work from a remote location is critical. Our team of Microsoft specialists have compiled the top 5 tips you should know about utilizing Microsoft Teams during this pandemic.




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