09 May 2017

Technology Spring Cleaning List

An Article By, Stephanie Memos, Marketing Coordinator
Now that Spring has finally arrived, many people believe in the habit of cleaning after the long winter. Often, we find that technology can be an area of spring cleaning that is overlooked. Since we rely so heavily on technology these days, it is essential to take some time in organizing and tiding up the devices we use. read more

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08 May 2017

Reasons for Innovation

An Article By: Evan Leonard, President

Many companies talk about innovation and the image that pops into their head is a company with no employees. The word is used frequently, yet used in narrow terms or misunderstood completely. I think of the word as impactful to a company’s long term goals in everything from creating new products or services, to improving process, adding business models, expanding markets and transforming your company entirely. read more

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