CHIPS offers custom application development solutions and proven strategies to harness the latest technology to improve your business performance.  We research and closely analyze your business processes and operations and collaborate with the experts on our team to develop a unique approach that identifies your business needs and fits your business model. We offer many strategic technology based options that deliver results.

Application Development

Web Development: Web Solutions for Business Challenges

Laptop, desktop, mobile device, PC or Mac, regardless of the device you have – when your data needs to be accessible from anywhere, you need a web app that’s built with flexibility in mind. Through our sister company, national software developer, IT Solutions, we focus on making the solution fit the business challenge, not the other way around. Whether your corporate standard is Microsoft .NET and SQL Server or you have a preference for open source development, our Application Development team will work with the platform that best meets your functionality, timeframe, and budget.

For branding or specific interface requirements, our apps can be tailored to meet the unique look and feel that you want. We work with the leading content management systems to get you up and running quickly.  If you have more specific or custom needs, we can design and build from the ground up.  In addition, we also have extensive experience in search engine optimization and marketing to ensure that all the time and effort you put into development achieves results from the visitors you want to attract.

Mobile Solutions: You Pick the Device, We Deliver the Data

As mobile devices quickly become the preferred sources for instant data, applications must adapt to keep pace. Through our sister company, national software developer, IT Solutions, we offer extensive experience in user-friendly cost-effective custom apps for web and client-server delivery to create mobile apps that set your business apart.

Whether your mobile project is an iOS or Android app, or an integrated solution with a desktop system, we have the resources and experience to take your project from concept to completion. Our full-time, US-based development team has experience with a variety of platforms and custom client engagements, so no mobile challenge is out of reach with our capable expertise. And with our proven agile development methodology, you can be confident that the process will be as successful as the outcome.

If you are not using mobile apps today but would like to learn more about them, including what our team can build or integrate, contact our sales department. Or, if you are consumer with a process that a packaged app cannot address, contact us regarding how we may be able to offer you a custom solution.

application development filemaker

FileMaker Development

With almost 20 years of custom development and network support services experience for over hundreds of clients, we understand the unique workflow challenges that large and small businesses face on a daily basis. Through our sister company, national software developer, IT Solutions, we tailor FileMaker solutions to the way you and your team work, and the way you run your individual business, not to your industry or business function in general.

When the initial contract nears the end of its term, the system isn’t suddenly locked down or waiting for the next upgrade for a change.  It is completely open and adaptable, whether you choose to make changes on your own, or have us continue to do them for you.

Compared to “pre-packaged” and full web development solutions, the FileMaker platform allows for cost-effective, rapid deployments that deliver results in a variety of formats – web, mobile/tablet, and client-server – whether you have a user base of two people or 250.

sales force application development

Salesforce Development

Through our sister company, national software developer, IT Solutions, we are uniquely qualified to recommend and offer development and training.

Salesforce solutions are as diverse as the clients who use them – from the fully functional CRM based product that may only need minor customization, to systems that need under-the-hood programming and integration to deliver results. Salesforce can work extremely well for any organization looking to better track its most critical data without the overhead and maintenance of similar client-server products.

Combine this flexibility with affordable per-user subscription-based pricing (with no servers to install or upgrade), and it’s clear why Salesforce is the industry leader in SaaS development platforms. Our expertise includes custom development, AppEx-change product integration, and Salesforce training.

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