Client Education

At CHIPS, continued client education is something we always strive to provide to our clients. We create educational resources on an ongoing basis, including self-service, on-demand videos to provide our clients with an alternative to on-site training. These videos better aid our clients when discussing security practices, navigation through business applications and more.

Hosted Apps and Desktops

So, you’re a small business owner and one of your responsibilities is managing your company’s IT, but you’re no technician. As a result, your real work is interrupted by mind-numbing IT distractions. You often find yourself thinking, there has to be a better way. There is… it’s called Hosted Apps and Desktops.

Don’t Download Software Without Required Approval

Don’t you just love it when you send a Word document to someone, but they need it in a PDF format? You aren’t familiar with this process, so you search online for free software and download the first available option. Let’s take a look at why this isn’t such a good idea…

How To Identify Phishing Emails

When a stranger knocks on your door, do you swing it open? Of course not. Think of emails as strangers — You are the door, and your network is your home. Protecting your business from cyber-security threats is no easy task. Criminals are smarter, more organized, and better equipped than they were 20 years ago.

Webinar Series

Business Tech Talks is a webinar series hosted by a group of nationally recognized Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that CHIPS regularly participates in. The goal of Business Tech Talks is to further educate business executives, decision makers, and IT professionals about key topics related to technology, as well as share our industry knowledge and best practices, and promote business innovation, growth and success.

An Introduction to Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing has got the world excited again — but what’s this all about? How does this work, an more importantly how will it impact your business?

Insider Threats

Learn about some of the tools and techniques required to defend your organization from “insider threats” whether they be malicious or accidental.

Optimizing Employee Efficiency

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical to find ways to streamline people and processes, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Custom Resources

As a true strategic technology partner, CHIPS strives to continuously deliver the best education and support to our clients and their employees. Our customized educational resources allow us to provide you with branded tools and materials to ensure your team is always informed about the programs and technologies being utilized within your organization, how to maintain optimal security levels, improving processes and workflow, and receiving fast and effective support.

CHIPS collaborates with you and your team to produce branded videos, guides and tools that can be distributed throughout your organization to improve and customize your organization’s training and support processes.

Customized resources may include:

  • How-To Documents & Videos
  • Industry-Specific Guides
  • Software & Program Education
  • Support Tools & Portals
  • And More Training!

Custom Support Portal created for our client for a 24/7 support guide for their employees.

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