Intelligent Computing

Intelligent Computing is continuously changing businesses, and keeping up with the evolving technology world has become imperative for companies to remain competitive. CHIPS can help your business to harness the ongoing advancements in technology to improve processes and products, enhance your consumer experience and create a stronger business model.

Cognitive Systems

The accelerating power and capabilities of modern computing have opened up a world of opportunities for businesses looking to streamline and optimize operations. Computers certainly don’t think or act on their own, but there are very powerful systems that can simulate human behavior and job function.

Cognitive computing is an emerging field that focuses on making computers more user friendly, with an interface that understands more of what the user wants. Cognitive computing encompasses technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to form the foundation of intelligent systems that can supplement human productivity.

As a very early adopter of Cognitive technology, and one of the first five companies to partner with IBM Watson, CHIPS has a strong base of expertise to work with you to see how these advances can fit into your organization and how you can leverage them for a competitive advantage.

Advanced Analytics

Data is the new corporate currency. Every business generates piles of numbers, statistics, and information. Finding meaningful patterns in that data is the gateway to a goldmine of opportunity and profitability.

Analytics can be used to describe, improve, and predict business performance. This relates to both internal factors, such as historical patterns and external factors, such as how the weather may impact your business. Businesses that take advantage of the information available to them will find themselves in a great position to make educated decisions and adapt very quickly to changing environments.

CHIPS can help your business to harness, automate and analyze data that can help to transform the way you run your business. Your business data and analytics hold the key to unlocking your potential – let CHIPS help your company put data to use.

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