IT Support for Insurance Companies

The insurance industry is as diverse as the needs of its clients and business processes are a top priority when handling claims, payouts, legal issues, investigations and more.
Very few customer related processes are standardized in the insurance industry and often involve long and cumbersome processing times and increasing workloads. Insurance companies often face a constant challenge to increase the efficiency and transparency of their processes through technology and process management.

CHIPS can offer a highly effective program that helps insurance companies and small businesses maintain a competitive edge through personalized customer care. Let CHIPSFusion provide customized IT services that standardize and manage your insurance processes from beginning to end.

Application expertise in platforms such as:

  • General Agency
  • Vertafore
  • WorkSmart
  • TAM
  • Epic


FUSION Insure offers industry best practices, security & compliance with:

  • Data encryption across all devices and programs
  • Two-factor authentication for secure log-on
  • E-mail archiving
  • Mobile device management
  • Phishing e-mail awareness and other security-based staff training to prevent breaches
  • Administrative, technical, physical and organizational safeguards
  • Identity & Lifecycle Management

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