FUSION Healthcare

IT Support for Healthcare Institutions

We know that in the healthcare industry there are so many factors that can pull you away from your primary focus – your patients.  Don’t let technology and IT issues get in the way of your highest priority of providing service and care.

FUSION Healthcare is a unique program that is specifically tailored to clients in the healthcare industry. We collaborate and partner with various health care institutions and practices to assist them in successfully understanding and implementing the correct standards within the constantly changing regulations in the healthcare industry.  FUSION Healthcare uses technology to ensure HIPAA compliance, improve EHR systems performance, and improve the infrastructure of your healthcare practice.

FUSION Healthcare offers industry best practices, security & compliance with:

  • PCI and SSAE-16 compliant data center for secure storage of all PHI
  • Data encryption across all devices and programs
  • Two-factor authentication for secure log-on
  • E-mail archiving
  • Mobile device management
  • Phishing e-mail awareness and other security-based staff training to prevent breaches
  • Safe, secure, proven and reliable EMR/EHR support
  • Administrative, technical, physical and organizational safeguards
  • Tools to provide HIPAA audits for your medical and business records
  • Identity & Lifecycle Management

10 Cybersecurity Tips For Healthcare Institutions

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